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At 18:00 on September 24, Beijing time, in the 13th round of the Dalian Division of the first stage of the Super League, Jiangsu Suning Tesco played against Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao. Judging from the whole game, Jiangsu Suning Tesco is undoubtedly the better team. The 532 formation that Olaroyu has discharged in this campaign is very targeted, and the protection of the sides and ribs is very good in defense. When attacking, he can also use the personal ability of the double forward to quickly assault the area behind the Guangzhou Evergrande defense line. The whole game was full of fierce physical confrontation, but Jiangsu Suning Tesco still defeated Guangzhou Evergrande 2-1 with better deployment and tenacious fighting spirit.


Jiangsu Suning.com's first debut (5-3-2): 1 Gu Chao/20-Hemidi (U23), 13-Miranda, 27-Yang Boyu, 2-Li Ang/24-Ji Xiang (84; 5-Zhou Yun ), 22-Wu Xi (90; 12-Zhang Xiaobin), 33-Wakaso, 11-Xie Pengfei (77; 3-Tian Yinong)/10-Teixeira, 23-Edel (84; 26-Santi Nepal)

Jiangsu Suning.com's first debut (5-3-2): 1 Gu Chao/20-Hemidi (U23), 13-Miranda, 27-Yang Boyu, 2-Li Ang/24-Ji Xiang (84; 5-Zhou Yun ), 22-Wu Xi (90; 12-Zhang Xiaobin), 33-Wakaso, 11-Xie Pengfei (77; 3-Tian Yinong)/10-Teixeira, 23-Edel (84; 26-Santi Nepal)

Guangzhou Evergrande debut (4-1-4-1): 13-Liu Weiguo/5-Zhang Linpeng (46; 25-Deng Hanwen), 23-Park Zhizhu, 3-Mei Fang (60; 19-Fernando), 21-high Zhunyi/17-Yang Liyu (U23 67; 22-Palmanjiang (U23)), 8-Paulinho, 6-Liao Lisheng, 15-Yan Dinghao (U23 46; 36-He Chao)/20-Luo Guofu (46 ; 33-Zhong Yihao), 9-Exon

Guangzhou Evergrande debut (4-1-4-1): 13-Liu Weiguo/5-Zhang Linpeng (46; 25-Deng Hanwen), 23-Park Zhizhu, 3-Mei Fang (60; 19-Fernando), 21-high Zhunyi/17-Yang Liyu (U23 67; 22-Palmanjiang (U23)), 8-Paulinho, 6-Liao Lisheng, 15-Yan Dinghao (U23 46; 36-He Chao)/20-Luo Guofu (46 ; 33-Zhong Yihao), 9-Exon

The formation and tactics of Jiangsu Suning Tesco for this campaign are very similar to Conte's 532 system in Inter Milan-both teams focus on increasing the number of passers in the backcourt to form a width and maximize the protection of the ribs. When the team is defensive, there are also three central defenders in the backcourt who are responsible for grabbing the first point, and the three midfielders are pressured to participate in the press. At the same time, Conte used the configuration of Lukaku (back-to-ball) + Lautaro (weak side impact) in the frontcourt and achieved good results. In the Jiangsu Suning Tesco team, Ola Luoyu uses Teixeira and Edel as double forwards, which is also a combination of shock and physique.

江苏苏宁易购的战役形成和战术与国际米兰的孔戴532系统非常相似,两个团队都致力于增加后场的传球员数量,以形成宽度并最大程度地保护肋骨。当球队处于防守状态时,后场还有三名中​​后卫负责抢下第一分,三名中场球员被迫参加新闻界。同时,孔戴在前场采用了Lukaku(背球)+ Lautaro(弱侧撞)的配置,取得了不错的成绩。在江苏苏宁易购乐团中,奥拉·罗尤(Ola Luoyu)将特谢拉(Teixeira)和埃德尔(Edel)用作双前锋,这也是震撼与体格的结合。

Similar to Inter Milan, Jiangsu Suning Tesco's 532 formation also pays great attention to the pressure when off the ball and the on-site counter-grab after losing possession of the ball. As can be seen from the picture above, when Guangzhou Evergrande was in possession of the ball in the backcourt, the Jiangsu team squeezed the ball to the frontcourt by a large margin. The players of Guangzhou Evergrande could only drive to the frontcourt and eventually lost the ball.


Olaruoyu used two fast forwards to push forward when Guangzhou Evergrande was in possession of the ball, which was very critical. On the one hand, in the case of serious water accumulation in the stadium, it is difficult to realize the advantages of Guangzhou's constant size range. Only long passes can be used to bypass the oppression of Jiangsu Suning Tesco. On the other hand, Teixeira, Edel, and Xie Pengfei who are in front of the player, these three players are fast on the ground and have a very large range in the frontcourt. The quality of the pressure is high, and they are indirectly the five-man defense line in the backcourt. stress reliever.

当广州恒大控球时,Olaruoyu用两个快进将球推进,这非常关键。一方面,在体育场内积水严重的情况下,很难实现广州恒定尺寸范围的优势。只有长传可以用来绕过江苏苏宁易购的压迫。另一方面,Teixeira,Edel和Xie Pengfei都位于玩家的前面,这三位玩家在地面上速度很快,并且在前场的射程非常大。压力的质量很高,它们间接地是后场的五人防守线。解压器。

The Jiangsu Suning Tesco team's tactics for copying Inter Milan are not so simple. Olaroyu also made some detailed adjustments based on the actual situation of the team and the characteristics of the opponent. At the same time, Jiangsu Suning Tesco's excellent tactical execution is also a direct manifestation of daily high-quality training. The increase in communication intensity (an objective factor of water accumulation in the stadium) formed a suppression of Guangzhou Evergrande in the first half.

江苏苏宁易购团队复制国际米兰的策略并非如此简单。 Olaroyu还根据球队的实际情况和对手的特点进行了一些详细的调整。同时,江苏苏宁易购的出色战术执行力也是日常高质量培训的直接体现。通信强度的增加(体育场内积水的一个客观因素)在上半年对广州恒大构成了抑制。

Jiangsu Suning Tesco has a low ball possession rate. Of course, they do not need to control the ball. In other words, Jiangsu Suning Tesco's offensive advantage is more reflected in a quick counterattack. In a quick counterattack, Teixeira's core competitiveness will be infinitely enlarged as the space increases.


As the first point of counterattack, Teixeira was able to catch the ball for the first time. Even if several Guangzhou Evergrande players stepped forward to encircle and grab the ball, Teixeira could guarantee not to lose the ball. Secondly, on the basis of holding the ball, Teixeira can also use his super ability to hold the ball forward, use the large space of Guangzhou Evergrande's backcourt to give full play to his impact advantage, and be able to distribute to the weak side in time. Teammates on.


Edel's role is to contain Guangzhou Evergrande's defense in the frontcourt, creating more space for Teixeira. At the same time, he has to repeatedly pull out the space to meet Teixeira and complete the final blow.


of course,


But at the end of the first half, the outstanding Jiangsu team broke the deadlock. This attack is a manifestation of Vacasso’s ability. He first easily passed the defense of Yan Dinghao and Yang Liyu in the middle, then took the ball to the left, and passed to Teixeira after a row, although the latter's header was shot. The goalkeeper saved, but then scored a supplementary shot to help Jiangsu Suning Tesco take the lead.


After the midfield, Guangzhou Evergrande, who was behind in the score, made a substitution. From the point of view of Cannavaro's adjustment, he was very dissatisfied with his performance in at least three positions. The first is Yan Dinghao, his performance in the midfield. Very bad, being crushed by Wakaso again and again. The second is Zhang Linpeng. Although there were several crosses on the top, his defensive performance on the right side was not good in this campaign. In one case, Teixeira almost missed a goal.


The appearance of the three players He Chao, Deng Hanwen and Zhong Yihao has changed some Guangzhou Evergrande's defensive appearance, but it is not enough. Cannavaro’s most critical adjustment is to replace Fernando. On the one hand, the latter’s appearance really opened up the offensive on the wing. On the other hand, Fernando has a wide range of running and can share a lot of offensive and confrontational pressure for Exxon. . At the same time, Fernando is also accustomed to returning to the backcourt to take the ball to assist the ball. His speed is very fast. The Jiangsu defender would rather foul the ball than let him take the ball.

三名球员何超,邓汉文和钟一豪的出现改变了广州恒大的防守形象,但这还不够。卡纳瓦罗最关键的调整是取代费尔南多。一方面,后者的出现确实开启了侧翼的进攻。另一方面,费尔南多(Fernando)的比赛范围广泛,可以为埃克森(Exxon)承受许多进攻和对抗压力。 。同时,费尔南多还习惯于回到后场接球,以助球。他的速度非常快。江苏后卫宁愿犯规,也不愿他接球。

After a fierce conflict between the two teams, the mood of the players is very unstable and the defensive focus will also decrease. It was also by using this node that Guangzhou Evergrande scored in an attack that was not very threatening. It can be seen from the clip that Exon retreated to take the ball to connect the attack and transfer the ball to Deng Hanwen, who was on the weak side, who crossed to the back point.


In addition to their super personal abilities, Teixeira and Edel are also quite physically stamina. In such a high-intensity game, they can still activate the offense through a wide range of runs in the late game. When Teixeira is dribbling the ball on the wing, Edel will quickly run out of position to catch the ball and continue to dribble forward. Guangzhou Evergrande defenders can only stop Edel by fouling, and Jiangsu Suning Tesco has obtained the frontcourt positioning. Chance for the ball.


It was through this positioning ball that Jiangsu Suning Tesco took the lead again. Guangzhou Evergrande was not far enough to clear the siege. What's more terrible was that they allowed the unmarked Edel to get a direct shot in the penalty area. The latter shot directly and scored with great power.


In the final time of the game, both teams had opportunities, but neither of them grasped it. From


In the end, Jiangsu Suning Tesco defeated Guangzhou Evergrande 2-1, which was a victory achieved through hard work and fighting spirit. Jiangsu Suning Tesco, which was unbeaten in seven rounds, also locked the top three in the Dalian competition in advance.




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