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Campus life is the most precious memory in life, and also the most face-saving time. Just ask, in those vigorous and vigorous years, who doesn't want to be the center of attention?


For football fans, nothing is more exciting than a dead-end shot and an ecstatic assist. But for most people, they do not have superb football skills, it is not realistic to complete some ideal operations on the campus football field.


So, the author is here to give you a "Campus Football Pretending Guide". I hope that after you read it, "Although there is no real master, there is a master list."


Equipment is a must for any football fan, and it is also people's first impression of you. It is no exaggeration to say that many field teammates who don't know each other rely on equipment to know people. Therefore, a set of equipment that can make you instantly attract the attention of others is very important.


Let's talk about sneakers first. If possible, it is best to prepare two pairs-a pair of football shoes for the game, a pair of jogging shoes for warm-up and entering the field. Do not buy some of the latest and most expensive star series, it will only make you look too superficial. Similar to Mizuno, foreign brands that have a certain degree of popularity but are not well-known in the country are quite good. What's more, you can choose some sneakers without logo at all. Remember, Mensao is the highest state of pretense.


After talking about sneakers, let's talk about football again. Be sure to use professional football to pack the ball. Do not use plastic bags, schoolbags, or simply hold them with your hands, as this will look particularly amateurish. In addition, it is best to bring two balls, one new and the old, but no matter whether the old or new ball is exposed, the brand logo should not be too large.


In addition to sneakers and football, the professionalism of the supply equipment can also determine how others think of you. First of all, you must use a professional sports bottle to drink water (it doesn't matter what it contains, of course, functional beverages with color will appear to be more compelling). Remember not to use bottled mineral water like ordinary students.


In addition, professional medical care products (similar to Yunnan Baiyao spray), professional leg shields and bandages are all very necessary, because for most non-football students, playing football is just a part of learning Entertainment activities, can make entertainment activities so tall, what are you not a master?


Finally, we will introduce the most important part of football equipment-jersey. Don't choose the jerseys of world-class giants like Real Madrid and Barcelona. It is best to choose some second-rate teams with average strength, so that you can show your unique taste. Regarding printing names, are you Messi and Ronaldo printed with the names of Messi and Ronaldo? The answer is of course no. Blindly printing the name of a super star will only make people think that you are a lively fan. It is best to print the names of some of the core players of the mid-range team.


One more point, don't choose the latest styles of jerseys. If possible, get some old styles 4-5 seasons ago. This will make people think that you are an old football fan with a long history.


Of course, for most students, there is not so much money to buy a genuine fan-watching version or off-the-field version jersey (more on that, don’t buy pirated jerseys, most people can see at a glance). It doesn't matter, it's also a realm of compulsion to change the complexity into simplicity. An affordable training suit can make you stand out among a group of "jacket parties".


Put on your shoes and start the game right after you come to the court? Never, so that others can see your true identity at a glance. Any football master clearly knows the importance of warming up. Before doing strenuous exercise, exercise the limbs with lighter activity to prepare for the subsequent more intense exercise. The purpose is to improve the efficiency of subsequent strenuous exercise and Safety, while meeting the physical and psychological needs of the human body.


We can roughly divide the warm-up into two dimensions: off-ball training and on-ball training. When other people are busy bumping the ball and shooting goals, you stretch your limbs and twist your waist like a professional football player, and then jog around the field, during which time you must not reveal any physical exhaustion. After jogging, put on your football shoes and go to the field for sprint training. Remember to allocate your physical fitness properly and don't lose your fitness before the game starts.


When other people are chatting on the sidelines or making some meaningless shots and passes, a set of seemingly professional warm-up activities can greatly increase your "handsmanship".


After the off-ball training is over, walk slowly to the sidelines and take out the new ball to start some basic ball-bumping training. Of course, if you have a certain level of football skills, you can try some more complex fancy skills, which can not only play a warm-up role, but also further enrich your master image.


The next most critical link is here. When everyone gets together for some basic ball bumping or passing exercises, it is inevitable to communicate with each other. When others ask questions like "have you joined the department" or "have you joined the school team", don't panic. If you join, just tell the truth. It doesn’t matter if you don’t join. You can “inadvertently” reveal that you have received professional football training in elementary and junior high school, but later because you haven’t played for many years, and you’re busy with internships or postgraduate entrance exams after entering university, you can’t join the football team.


The above actions left you with the impression that this person is definitely a master, but he hasn't played for a long time. In this way, even if you make a mistake in the official game, others will understand it well: after all, it’s normal if you haven’t played for so long.


It's worth mentioning that don't be too boastful during the conversation because you are eager to express yourself, so that not only will others not think you are a master, but they will also feel disgusted. The correct way is to keep your posture as low as possible, and when others praise you, say "Where, where, if you haven't played for so many years, the skills are long gone". After some exchanges, not only no one doubted your skills, but also made excuses for the subsequent mistakes, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.


After the ball is over, everyone will usually practice some passing and shooting. If your skills are not up to the average level, but you want to put pressure in front of so many students, you must use the scale to avoid showing off.


First of all, don't dribble and shoot, and pass the ball with people around (if you can't even pass the basic short distance, then it is recommended not to pretend to be forced); secondly, don't go for the so-called "technical display" Trying a long pass, passing it correctly can really increase your status, but if the pass is particularly outrageous, it will reveal your stuff. Finally, you can inadvertently touch your thigh during the pass, with a slightly helpless and painful expression, showing that you are old hurt. Then go back off the court and put a bandage on your thigh. This operation can bring you two major benefits: 1. Being injured can also be an excuse for your subsequent mistakes. 2. Putting on a bandage is conducive to passing the ball.

首先,不要运球和射门,并与周围的人一起传球(如果您甚至不能通过基本的短距离,那么建议不要假装被逼);其次,不要去进行所谓的“技术展示”,尝试长传,正确通过才能真正提高您的身份,但是,如果特别通过,它会透露您的东西。最后,您可能会在传递过程中无意中触摸大腿,表情有些无助和痛苦,表明您已经受伤了。然后回到球场外,在大腿上绑上绷带。此操作可以为您带来两个主要好处:1.受伤也可以成为您以后犯错的借口。 2.戴上绷带有利于传球。

After dividing the team, don't rush into the game, but show the temperament as a leader, understand the position of teammates, and express that you are playing in midfield. Why should you say that you are a midfielder? The reason is simple. Goalkeepers and defenders should be responsible if they lose a goal, and forwards should be responsible if they waste an opportunity. The midfielder is relatively the most difficult position to carry.


Pay attention to your demeanor and movement during the conversation, don't show a lofty posture, try to be calm and polite, and don't point your finger at others when you talk to your teammates. After assigning positions, greet everyone with a high-five, say something to inspire the team, improve morale, and let the players subtly develop a mentality centered on you.


After the game begins, don't try to be too risky, try to use one kick while ensuring the pass success rate. The pass object should also be targeted. When you have not yet entered the game state, which is what we commonly call "the feet are not hot", don't make a difficult through or long pass with a large advance. The reason is very simple, you haven't formed enough understanding with your teammates, it is difficult to play a more complicated pass and run coordination. In addition, the so-called forward pass has certain footwork requirements, and once a low-level error occurs, it can be embarrassing.


As the game progresses, you can also try some tearing forward passes, but please remember that whether it is a through pass or a long pass, try to avoid passing it to the feet, and it is even impossible to pass it behind you. The correct approach should be to give a certain amount of advance, even if the pass is large, it can be attributed to the lack of awareness of the teammates, or the slower speed. When teammates make mistakes, don't just complain and sarcasm, clap more encouragingly or give a thumbs up to teammates.


Shouting communication is very important in football games, but it is not necessarily applicable on college campuses. In order to maintain your image, eye contact is necessary. Use your eyes to communicate with your teammates on the field, and direct them to run in response. When teammates take the ball, they must also actively run to respond, and they can also make a posture of pressing for the ball with both hands. However, it needs to be emphasized that after receiving a pass from a teammate, don’t think about a series of fancy extraordinary, continue to stick to the idea of ​​kicking the ball (even if it is a return pass), and make a look like you want to hit the wall and cooperate. This will make onlookers think you are professional.


Some students may ask: What if everyone really regards you as a master and all the balls pass to you? Don't panic, and don't use your head as Messi to force others. In this case, you must avoid invalid dribbling. Once you lose the ball because of a midfield error, you have to take it all. The correct approach should be to continue to adhere to the idea we mentioned earlier: one kick out. But it needs to be emphasized that the direction of the ball should be changed-from the center to the side.


In other words, when you often receive passes from teammates, it will inevitably attract the opposing defensive players to make more targeted pressings against you. In this way, the opponent's defense line will inevitably be exposed to the space behind due to high pressure, and then you only need to send the ball to the side in a short time to be a threat.


Let's talk about the positioning in the defensive process. Don't rush and stretch your feet blindly like ordinary college students. Once you are caught, it will be very embarrassing. The correct approach should be to put your hands behind your back (not to prevent handball, simply to appear professional) and follow the opponent's ball player to move. It is worth mentioning that instead of following the ball into the penalty area, you should stay outside the penalty area for two-point kick protection with some defensive commands.


If you can get a second penalty kick, don't hesitate to look for teammates in the front court directly with big feet. Some students may ask: What should I do if my footwork is not good? It doesn't matter. On most campus field courts, once a large group presses into the large penalty area, few people can return to position in time during the defense process. In other words, the opponent's defense will definitely be in an extremely empty state at this time. As long as your long pass is not bad, there is a high probability that it can help your teammates pose a threat. Taking a step back, it doesn't matter if you don't find a teammate. You use a precise judgment of the ball's location to resolve the opponent's offense. Can your teammates blame you for failing?


Go home as soon as the game ends? wrong! As a master, physical recovery after the game is very important. When everyone else is talking about nonsense, put on your jogging shoes and do some restorative stretching on the sidelines. It would be better if you still have the energy to jog around the court.


When arranging equipment, by the way, review the game tactics with your teammates and use the professional terms "high position press" and "low position support". It doesn't matter if you don't understand it, because the opponent doesn't understand it in all likelihood.


When leaving the field, you can also "point to" your teammates' tactical understanding by the way, and make comments like "You have a good left foot" and "I think you may be more suitable for full-backs."


Having said that, the most critical element of the campus field court is "more no ball, less ball", and it is supported by certain off-field factors.


Finally, add one more sentence: pretending to be risky, please do it in moderation.


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