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The first stage of the Chinese Super League came to an end. As the defending champion, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao team entered the championship group as the first place in the Dalian division, and continued to move towards the goal in this special epidemic year! However, for the review of more than a dozen games in the first stage, including hot topics such as the team's changes, progress and deficiencies, I believe that fans have their own opinions, but at the same time they also want to hear from experts. In this way, you can better appreciate the second stage showdown two weeks later.

中国超级联赛的第一阶段结束了。作为卫冕冠军,广州恒大淘宝队作为大连分区的冠军进入了冠军组,并在这一特殊的流行年份继续朝着目标前进!但是,对于第一阶段的十几场比赛的回顾,包括团队的变化,进步和不足等热门话题,我相信球迷有自己的见解,但与此同时,他们也希望听到专家的意见。 。这样,您可以在两周后更好地欣赏第二阶段的对决。



The "MingTalk Sports" interview team was dispatched again. During this rest period, Chen Yiming, who is known as a master of language in Chinese football, was invited to guide him and asked him to share his views. After all, Lao Chen has participated in the Cantonese commentary for 10 games of Evergrande in the recent whole process. It can be said that he has a very clear and intuitive understanding of the Guangzhou team in the 2020 season. Coupled with his rich football resume and experience as support, he believes in sharing More authoritative and persuasive.

“ MingTalk Sports”采访团队再次派出。在此休息期间,以中国足球语言大师而闻名的陈一鸣应邀指导他并请他分享自己的看法。毕竟,在最近的整个过程中,老陈参加了10场恒大的粤语解说。可以说他对2020赛季的广州队有着非常清晰直观的认识。加上他丰富的足球履历和经验作为支持,他相信分享更多的权威和说服力。



In the afternoon of 929, in the VIP reception room on the 3rd floor of the Guangzhou Sunshine Hotel, the high-end atmosphere, the author and his team conducted an exclusive interview with Chen Yiming for more than an hour around the Evergrande team and on hot topics. The presentation was wonderful and the views were sharp. The following is Everyone share all the content.




Ming (Chen Yiming): I have played football for so many years, it is really difficult to stop and not participate. In addition to participating in the Cantonese interpretation of the Evergrande competition recently, I also played football regularly. I kept playing at least one game a week. For the past 10 years, I have been going to exercise every afternoon, including swimming, weightlifting, and running. My family has already lived abroad, and usually I spend half of the year there, and half a year in China. This year because of the epidemic, we didn't go there, but even there, we basically played two games a week. There are a lot of games there, and I also participate in local clubs and often play with them. So in the past few years, my body has maintained pretty good!


I am 66 years old and I was born in 1954. Some information on the Internet that I am 68 years old is wrong. This year is indeed too special. Due to the epidemic, many games have been played out of the tournament system, including the Super League. I have an impression that China’s top league has not played a tournament-based game for more than 20 years, and due to the epidemic, there are still empty games. At the beginning, I was very worried about the impact of empty games on the players, and I was afraid that it would have a bad impact on the quality of the game. But in the end, it didn't look like, and the effect was pretty good. Although there are no fans at the scene, more fans follow the game through videos, the Internet, TV, and mobile phones! On this basis, the effect of the game is not bad. I was worried that it would be a practice game. Now the confrontation level of the game is quite fierce. Overall, the effect of the game is quite good and better than expected.




Ming: As you mentioned earlier, this season I focused on explaining the Evergrande team's game. I explained 10 of them in Cantonese. Because I followed the team's game commentary, I knew the situation very well. In fact, the predecessor of this team also has a certain relationship with me. As early as 1984 and 1985, I had experienced the Guangzhou Baiyun team at that time and gradually to the later Guangzhou Helios team. Therefore, my heart is full of gratitude for this team to be able to go all the way to today. It is indeed not easy for the Guangzhou team to pass on to today's glory! In the previous commentary, I gave the Evergrande team 98 points in the first stage of the game, which is definitely well deserved.


Here, I want to summarize the performance of the Evergrande team in the first stage in 8 words-talented people and outstanding achievements! Let's talk about the emergence of talents first, look at the current Evergrande team, take a list and talk about it one by one. It is obvious that more and more new talents are emerging. In the past, everyone knows that the Evergrande team in the Lippi and Scolari eras feels like a black hole for newcomers, some fresh troops bought from other clubs. Almost all was buried, and few people could come out. The only one who has emerged is Liao Lisheng, and he feels that the distance really rises is still a little short of the fire... There are many plug-and-play Titans, but almost none have been created through self-cultivation. This is the biggest problem. I remembered that there was a player named Han Pengfei, who was originally a talented player, but suddenly fell, mainly because the coach didn't give any chance. It is undeniable that the first two coaches did not do well in this regard, especially Scolari, and it is hard to blame him. He is still the club coach at this age, and his performance is enough. No newcomer, including the club. Long-term plans have nothing to do with me! So Scolari is following a realistic line, you can hit me and use you! Remember that year when Evergrande played for Guoan under the command of Shuai, they were already leading 3:0, and they didn't dare to change new players. Or else they would only change in 85 or 88 minutes. What's the value? In the case of securing the victory, more newcomers should be used, so this is what I admire and appreciate for Cannavaro as a coach.


Talking about these new forces of Evergrande, Yang Liyu is basically on the right track; although Wei Shihao has not been able to last longer due to injury, he has no doubt that he has also been on the right track and is the absolute main force of the team; there is also a super , Xu Xin, Zhong Yihao, Yan Dinghao, Zhang Xiuwei, Gao Zhunyi, Jiang Guangtai, Wu Shaocong, etc., are all available players. I just finished the match between Evergrande and Dalian. Newcomer Wu Shaocong gave me a very good impression. Players like this should be used more. The team has a large number of talents, and has formed a healthy competition. Players who don't work hard and don't work hard, they immediately lose their place. It is precisely because Cannavaro has built such a team that there will be outstanding results. In the first stage, only two games were lost. The loss to Shandong was the lack of Jiang Guangtai in the formation. I think this is one of the important reasons. He was a very good natural barrier in the rear defense. He was useless in that game and he chose Mei Fang, but he couldn't stand it in the end. Losing to Suning in the game, to be honest, has already played for that purpose, this result is acceptable to everyone. In the end, Evergrande achieved 34 points in the first stage, 8 points ahead of the second place. The advantage is obvious. Naturally, it can be described as outstanding. This is what I think the overall profile of the team in the first stage.




Paulinho must be the MVP of the team at this stage. In addition, I think there are three other people who performed well: Jiang Guangtai, Park Zhisu and Liu Dianzuo. These three people must remember: Park Ji-soo, the mainstay, I think he is better than the previous Evergrande Korean foreign aid Kim Young-kwon! Hard enough, with a certain height, stronger air defense ability, and more stable defense in the next game. He is an indispensable member of Evergrande's defense. The second is Jiang Guangta, but if only one person is chosen, I will choose Park Jisu! After all, he rarely missed, played more games, and played more time than Jiang Guangtai; for Jiang Guangtai, I originally had doubts about his ability, but now I can see that the Chinese team can have him and the Evergrande team can have him. , Is definitely the gospel! It is definitely a wise move to have him in the latest national football training list. In the next 10 years, he should be an indispensable member of the defense backbone of the Evergrande team and the national team! He is not rough at the same time, and he is very calm. He is a very good player. As for Liu Dianzuo, his level is very stable. He has saved many goals in the game. He is constantly mature and strong. It turns out that I think Zeng Cheng's overall strength is better than him, but after watching the performance of the two this season, I even recognize Liu Dianzuo. As for the goalkeeper of the national football team, Yan Junling should be the number one, and Liu Dianzuo should be the number two. He is absolutely competent.

在这个阶段,Paulinho必须是团队的MVP。此外,我认为还有其他三人表现出色:姜光泰,朴智素和刘殿佐。这三个人必须记住:朴智-,中流tay柱,我认为他比以前的恒大韩国外援金永权更好!足够坚硬,具有一定的高度,更强的防空能力,并且在下一场比赛中的防御更加稳定。他是恒大国防不可或缺的成员。第二个是姜光塔,但如果只选一个人,我会选择朴济su!毕竟,他很少错过比赛,比姜光泰少打更多的比赛,玩更多的时间。对于姜光泰,我最初对他的能力感到怀疑,但是现在我可以看到中国队可以拥有他,而恒大队可以拥有他。 ,绝对是福音!将他列入最新的国家足球训练名单绝对是一个明智的举动。在接下来的十年中,他应该成为恒大队和国家队不可或缺的防守骨干成员!他不同时粗鲁,而且非常镇定。他是一个很好的球员。至于刘殿佐,他的水平很稳定。他在比赛中保存了许多进球。他不断成熟和坚强。原来,我认为曾成的综合实力比他强,但看完本赛季两人的表现后,我什至认出了刘殿佐。至于国家足球队的门将,严俊岭应该排在第一,刘殿佐应该排在第二。他绝对有能力。



The current state of the Evergrande team is very good, even if there are players who are not satisfactory, they are not outstanding enough. But from the analysis of the shortcomings of the lineup, there are still some. If the Evergrande team needs to improve, the position of the center in the central axis is especially important. In this position, the Evergrande team can be stronger! No matter where you go, this position is one of the most difficult positions to play. It can take the entire team and play a pivotal role. The current pivot of the Evergrande team is a bit blunt compared to the past! Exxon is no longer brave, and no longer has the sharpness and indestructiveness that he had when he first came to the Evergrande team... After all, he is getting older and his state is in decline. Kashuai is now consciously cultivating Talisca. On the one hand, he is affected by the injury. On the other hand, he needs to adapt to this position and his state is not optimal. If this position is strong, the entire Evergrande team will be even more powerful! Another thing that needs to be improved is the position of the double midfielder. Now Paulinho often tops the front midfielder, and even wants to top the center due to the front's weakness. Of course, this position can also be used for Gao Lat, I watched a few games of China Fortune, Gao Lat is still very good, very suitable for this position, Evergrande should invite him back and replace Luo Guofu on the list. He is coming back, and he can definitely enrich Kashuai's use of troops. As for the position of the double defensive midfielder, although there are a lot of talents, so far there is still no best combination. Xu Xin, Yan Dinghao, He Chao, Zhang Xiuwei, Liao Lisheng, Zheng Zhi, Huang Bowen...the front attack is enough, and two defenders need to be found. Among these people, I admire Xu Xin and He Chao the most and make them better. Being tough is conducive to the development of the team. The captain, Zheng Zhi, should be strong, but it is undeniable that he has slowed down in the game and often cannot keep up with the team. Choose the main players, and then cooperate with the rest of the bench players according to the actual situation. The double midfielder will be the focus of the Evergrande team in the future.

恒大队的现状非常好,即使有些球员不满意,他们也不够出色。但是从阵容的缺点分析来看,还是有一些。如果恒大团队需要改进,那么中心在中轴上的位置就显得尤为重要。在这个位置上,恒大团队可以变得更强大!无论您走到哪里,这个位置都是最难发挥的位置之一。它可以使整个团队发挥关键作用。与过去相比,恒大团队目前的支点有点钝!埃克森美孚不再勇敢,不再拥有他刚来到恒大团队时的敏锐和破坏性……毕竟,他正在变老,状态正在下降。 Kashuai现在正在自觉地种植Talisca。一方面,他受到伤害的影响。另一方面,他需要适应这个位置并且他的状态不是最佳的。如果这个位置很强大,整个恒大团队将更加强大!需要改进的另一件事是双中场的位置。现在,鲍里尼奥经常在前场中场上排名靠前,甚至由于前场的弱点而想在中锋榜上排名。当然,这个位置也可以用于高拉特,我看过《中国财富》的几场比赛,高拉特还是很不错的,非常适合这个位置,恒大应该邀请他回来并取代罗国富在名单上。他回来了,他绝对可以丰富卡舒艾的部队使用。至于双重防守型中场的位置,虽然有很多天赋,但到目前为止还没有最好的组合。徐欣,严定好,何超,张秀伟,廖立生,郑智,黄博文...前线进攻就足够了,还需要找到两名后卫。在这些人中,我最欣赏徐欣和何超,并使其变得更好。坚强有利于团队的发展。队长郑智应该很强壮,但是不可否认的是,他在比赛中放慢了脚步,经常跟不上球队。选择主要球员,然后根据实际情况与其他替补球员合作。这位双中场球员将成为恒大队未来的重点。

Finally, let's talk about left back. After all, Micro Motion was born as a central defender, so his defense is fine and his offensive ability is limited. Zhong Yihao was used in these two games. He has his skill as a striker, and he has a certain level in the left-hand pass of Dalian. I think Zhong Yihao can be used appropriately to build him, and there will be more changes in front of the Evergrande team. He can also cut inside, and can cooperate with teammates in the middle, which is equivalent to one more striker. Evergrande needs to be strengthened on the left. As for the right side, although Zhang Linpeng made occasional mistakes, he is still competent at both offensive and defensive ends and can still be used, but Evergrande has to plan ahead. Deng Hanwen is not bad, but I think I can find a better successor. As for the central defender, I really admire Wu Shaocong of 1.92 meters. If he is selected for the national team and his partner Jiang Guangtai forms a central defender, it will be amazing!


As for the small motorcycle Fernando, he is not yet fully adapted to the Evergrande team. After all, he used to build with it as the core in Chongqing before. He came to Evergrande to have a lot of support. His role is different from the past. Naturally, he needs Get used to it. Adding Exon, Talisca, Paulinho-the four ghosts shoot the door, the Evergrande team's attack power is unmatched in Asia! In addition, Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu can charge forward at any time, such a staffing is really enviable!




Ming: Before, I didn't approve of Cannavaro, especially when he first came from Tianjin Quanjian, I didn't like him. Especially for a period of time in Nanning, Guangxi, he temporarily led the national team. At that time, he felt that he was not using the right people, and the on-the-spot command was even worse... But that was the past. It is a completely different situation to look at Cannavaro again this year. First of all, his greatest contribution is to dig out a batch of newcomers one by one, so that the team is now thriving, and there are many people using it. Now the Evergrande team is not afraid of who gets injured, so what if one Wei Shihao is missing? I still have a lot of people to use! This is his accomplishment, and at the same time I have to mention the management of Evergrande Club. It is very standardized and professional. The current card coach is "one person is less than ten thousand people". Only a few bosses can command him. The club delegates all the powers to you. No one can interfere with the management of the team. Therefore, the internal atmosphere of the team is good, and it is rare to hear too much negative news from Evergrande Club. Good internal management and operation are important reasons. In fact, even the team's absolute thigh Paulinho has a sense of belonging, dedicated and obeyed management, playing a role model, not to mention the newcomers? Everyone can only learn, imitate, and learn from, foreign aid and domestic aid are the same!


I have been observing Cannavaro, his on-the-spot command, including the employment, has been improving. There have been some "failures" before. For example, when the AFC played against Urawa Red Diamonds, Zhang Linpeng was asked to play as a guest left-back. This is considered to be the biggest failure. He may think that the opponent's right side player is relatively strong, so he should find a stronger top player. So arranged like this. As a result, everyone saw that the Evergrande team collapsed on the right side, and Zhang Linpeng on the left side was seriously uncomfortable. At that time, the employment of Ka Shuai was indeed questioned. This was the situation back then, but it is completely different now! Now he leads the team more mature than in the past, the lineup is becoming more reasonable, and the on-site command is getting better and better. I see him from the perspective of a coach, he is very successful, he is improving step by step, and he will leave a huge fortune to Evergrande in the future. What he did best in Tianjin Quanjian before was to train many new talents. Now he has done the same at Evergrande, and now his performance is guaranteed, which proves that he has done better. All this must be affirmed.


With the current ability of Cannavaro's coaching team, if you let him coach the top giants such as Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Bayern, you may not be able to play well. If you do not perform well in a few games, you may be beaten back to the original shape. Dreams can be there, but for now, they can only stay in the dream stage. To be objective, proceed from reality, continue to do well on the big platform of the Super League, and do it for another three to five years, which will help its continuous improvement. Of course, the current Evergrande team also needs him very much. Let's continue to support him for about two seasons. I believe that after two years, the entire team will be more mature and stable. This is also due to the club’s continuing to delegate power to him. At the same time, Chinese football is also in the next big chess game, and Kashuai still has to play a very important role in helping Chinese football make progress.


Ming: Naturalization must persist! I have raised this question for more than 30 years. I have played football, taught football, and acted as a commentator. I deeply understand that, judging from the comprehensive ability of current domestic players, it is very difficult to enter the World Cup! Like our Chinese Super League team, foreign players are given key positions. The entire central axis is played by foreign players. They are actually helping them to become talents. In fact, many of these players are played in China. For example, Exon, if there is no Chinese arena, how can he get ahead? There are many players of the same level in Brazil. If he were not trained in the Super League, he would not have achieved what he is today. So we trained him, and now we ask you to help the national team, it's normal! Therefore, we must not only persist, but also increase the strength of naturalization. Including Fernando, also showed his heroism in the Super League. In the past, Quanxing had a foreign player named Mammero. He was an amateur player in Brazil. He came to China to build him. So I always think that under this circumstance, they are naturalized and used by the national football team. It is normal and there is no problem. Not to mention China, as strong as Germany and France. They all engage in a large number of naturalized players, but they are naturalized at an earlier time. Qatar won the Asian championship because of naturalized players. Why don't we? Now it’s not a foul to use it like this. Right now we can’t play in Korea or Japan. Then, if I don’t violate the rules, I can find someone to kick you. Who makes our country's economy strong? I will do this to counter you, until you are convinced!


In fact, coach Cui Kangxi was convinced by the Evergrande team. What can I do if you can get 6 "foreign aids" will I say that the champion will give you this. If one day the South Korean national team thinks so too, it is time for Chinese football to truly succeed. What is there to be afraid of? I have not violated the regulations. FIFA allows it. People have formulated policies that can be used but you don’t. That’s your problem. So I keep saying that one of you is naturalized, and ten of you are also naturalized. Why not use this policy enough? You don't need to care about which nationality you are, as long as it helps the team. Just like Evergrande, who is in Guangzhou, but now there are almost no Guangzhou players in the team. Someone used to sing the opposite. Now with the healthy development of the team, fewer and fewer people are questioning this aspect. adapted.

实际上,教练崔康熙被恒大队说服了。如果您能得到6个“外援”,我该怎么办?我会说冠军会给您的。如果有一天韩国国家队也这样认为,那么现在是中国足球真正成功的时候了。有什么好怕的?我没有违反规定。 FIFA允许。人们制定了可以使用的政策,但您却没有。那是你的问题。所以我一直说你们中的一个人已归化,而你们中的十个也已归化。为什么不充分使用此策略?只要您对团队有帮助,您就不必在乎您的国籍。就像在广州的恒大一样,但现在球队中几乎没有广州球员。曾经有人唱过相反的话。现在,随着团队的健康发展,越来越少的人对此方面提出质疑。适应。





As soon as Evergrande had 4 naturalized players in the frontcourt this season, some media were in an uproar, that was naked jealousy! After all, Evergrande has not violated the rules, and there is no need to pay attention to those remarks. What you like to say is your right, what should I do and how to do it, in the final analysis, we must build the team as strong as possible! It is like Bayern. It has no opponents in the Bundesliga, and now it has no opponents in Europe. It is really scary. Therefore, Evergrande does not need to be afraid of so-called criticism. The team only needs to pursue a strong dominance. After all, the team now not only represents Guangzhou, but also represents the Chinese team to a certain extent. It is like going out to play in the AFC Champions League. Are naturalized players not used? This is impossible.




Ming: I think there is only one, Teixeira! He is a very good striker, if conditions permit, we must find ways to keep such talents! He has played in China for so many years, played in the Super League for so many years, and made a lot of money. The more he plays, the more famous he is, so these people must stay. I think the most important thing is him. Others like Alan can also be used, but the one who impressed me the most was Teixeira. Of course, there is no foreign player who can be naturalized in the defense line. If you can find a more mature central defender, it will be better for the national football team. In the future, we should continue to look for the Chinese Super League and China League One to find a central defender with naturalization conditions. That would be perfect, so that the front, center and back three lines can be relatively balanced.


I simply line up the national football team. On the front line, Fernando is on the right, Axon in the middle, Wu Lei can be on the left, and one more Alan, partner Axon, learn from each other, and the front 4 attackers are strong enough. Other players do their defense well, so that even in the face of Japan and South Korea, they can also play! Now I implore Li Tie, and the Chinese Football Association, to put them in place quickly. Don't be afraid of this. Do one or two naturalizations, and seven or eight are also doing them. As long as they don't violate the rules, what problems can there be?




Ming: Regardless of whether Gorath avoids it or not, Evergrande has no problem passing China Fortune! In addition to being defeated by oneself, the current Evergrande team can be described as very few teams in the country that can compete with it, and China Fortune cannot do it. I watched several games in Guoan. Evergrande will have no problem with them after they are promoted. Guoan's midfielder Augusto has suffered a serious injury and has a significant impact on it. The biggest challenge is to face SIPG in the championship and runner-up matchup. I think SIPG can successfully win Shenhua, but I still think Evergrande is the leader. As long as the front "four ghosts shoot the door", the backcourt Jiang Guangta + Park Zhisu guards , There is the confidence to win SIPG. Hulk is in good condition. Oscar has become the core of the team's offense. Coupled with the outbreak of SIPG center Anautovic this season, the pivotal role is particularly obvious. The newly introduced Australian foreign aid Mu Yi also has a certain level. Still very competitive. However, Kashuai is a guard, and he is very good at building the defense. The key is to select a person with a double midfielder and do a good job in the defense. The chance of winning is great. The assault ability of the front line is definitely enough. There is no doubt about this. .

明:无论大拉斯是否回避,恒大通过中国财富都没有问题!除了被自己击败之外,目前的恒大车队可以说是国内很少有可以与之竞争的车队,而《中国财富》则无法做到。我在国安看了几场比赛。恒大升职后,他们将没有任何问题。国安的中场奥古斯托(Augusto)受了重伤,并受到了重大影响。最大的挑战是在冠军和亚军的比赛中面对SIPG。我认为SIPG可以成功赢得申花,但我仍然认为恒大是领头羊。只要前场“四鬼射门”,后场姜光塔+朴志素的后卫,就有赢得SIPG的信心。绿巨人状况良好。奥斯卡已成为球队进攻的核心。加上本赛季SIPG中心Anautovic的爆发,举足轻重的作用尤为明显。新引进的澳大利亚外援穆毅也有一定水平。仍然很有竞争力。但是,卡舒艾(Kashuai)是一名后卫,他擅长建立防守。关键是选择一个具有双重中场的人并在防守中做好。获胜的机会很大。前线的攻击能力绝对足够。毫无疑问。 。

I have made predictions for this year's Super League in TV programs before, and I made it clear that Evergrande will successfully defend the title this year and win the ninth championship in the Super League! According to the development trend of the first stage, I think Evergrande has a 90% chance to win the championship. Even if it faces SIPG in the final battle, there is no big problem and it can beat them and win the championship. You must know that the second stage of the game is more frequent. There is not a constant number of players available for SIPG. The more intense the game, the more likely to be injuries. Evergrande’s bench is deep enough. Even if a player is injured, there are people who can replace the rotation. This is its greatest advantage.

我之前曾在电视节目中对今年的超级联赛做出过预测,而且我明确表示,恒大将在今年成功卫冕冠军并赢得超级联赛第九名!根据第一阶段的发展趋势,我认为恒大有90%的机会赢得冠军。即使在决赛中面对SIPG,也没有什么大问题,它可以击败他们并赢得冠军。您必须知道游戏的第二阶段更加频繁。 SIPG的玩家数量不固定。游戏越激烈,受伤的可能性就越大。恒大的板凳足够深。即使球员受伤,也有一些人可以代替轮换。这是它的最大优势。



Ming: In the final analysis, it is the judge's ability and professional level that determine everything! Self-confidence is also seriously insufficient! There is also the fact that both parties are not satisfied with the referee's penalty during the game. Some disputed balls should be watched without watching the video playback. There are obvious differences in penalty scales, which naturally arouses dissatisfaction among players. In the final analysis, it is also a matter of experience for referees, including when a player makes a big foul, in order to prevent conflict between the two sides, the cards must be decisive and clear. These are also empirical issues. Level + experience is lacking at the same time, local referees always become the protagonist of the game, which greatly affects the image of the Chinese Super League. I hope that the Chinese Football Association will really pay attention to this issue. At present, the training of local referees is becoming younger, but their level is real. It's not up to the requirements yet, there is a long way to go!




Ming: I think it should be invited, but only one or two foreign referees are enough. Doesn’t it need to be isolated? The appointment can be made now, and there is enough time to prepare. It is not that the Super League can not afford to pay. It is enough to have a high-level foreign referee sitting here. By then let him play some of the most critical games, such as Evergrande vs. Guoan, Evergrande vs. SIPG. He can survive the scene and naturally there will be no controversial penalties. Since it is a tournament system, there is no problem with a referee playing several games.

明:我认为应该邀请,但只有一两个外国裁判员就足够了。不需要隔离吗?现在可以进行约会,并且有足够的时间准备。并不是超级联赛负担不起。一个高水平的外国裁判坐在这里就足够了。届时让他玩一些最关键的游戏,例如恒大vs国安,恒大vs SIPG。他可以在现场幸存下来,自然不会有争议的处罚。由于这是一个锦标赛系统,因此裁判可以打几场比赛没有问题。

In fact, with var intervention now, there have been much fewer unjust, false and wrong judgments, much better than we did not know back then... I once said-Chinese football has no black whistle, only red whistle! Now with the intervention of video referees, this phenomenon has improved a lot, and it appears less frequently. After all, everyone is watching. It is not as messy as before. In fact, I think the current situation is much better, and I hope it will be better in the future. .

实际上,现在有了var的干预,不公正,错误和错误的判断要少得多,比当时我们不知道的要好得多。。我曾经说过-中国足球没有黑哨,只有红哨!现在,在视频裁判的干预下,这种现象有了很大的改善,而且出现的频率降低了。毕竟,每个人都在注视着。它不像以前那样凌乱。事实上,我认为目前的情况要好得多,我希望将来会更好。 。



Undoubtedly, in the offseason after the end of the first stage of the Chinese Super League this season, the famous football coach Chen Yiming who has been following up and explaining the 10 games of Evergrande will guide him to conduct interviews on Evergrande topics. The authority is sufficient. The persuasive power is enough, and the bright spots are enough! Over an hour of communication, Chen Yiming guided Kankan and shared his insightful views with everyone without reservation. The Cantonese format also made him more enjoyable and the effect was even better! The 66-year-old retired old man still has a strong love for football, and his words and behavior are enough to explain everything. However, Director Chen's insights on hot topics including naturalization are very sharp. Although it is impossible to get everyone's unanimous approval, he should still be praised for his outspoken courage, responsibility and persistence. I wish Chen Yiming his guidance and hope that his future will get better and better and continue to contribute to Chinese football.


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