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九游会老哥俱乐部:辽篮签双小外内线怎么办?张镇麟或固定4号位 一高塔必受重用

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On October 8, Beijing time, although the official announcement has not yet been made, the news of the former NBA player Jonathan Simmons of the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team who has played for the Spurs, Magic and 76ers has been received by many Chinese and foreign media and industry insiders. Exposed. And because the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team has also renewed the Mayo contract, this also means that the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team is likely to also use double small outside operations in the new season. Although this configuration strengthens the team’s wings, it will inevitably be artificial. The team's insiders are worried.


Although the Liaoning men's basketball team has super center Han Dejun on the inside, he lacks a powerful partner and substitute. Once the main power forward of the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team, Li Xiaoxu, there is no news when he will return in the new season, and after a series of serious injuries, everyone knows that even if Li Xiaoxu returns to the game, it will be difficult to get back to the competitive state of the “domestic World of Warcraft”. .

尽管辽宁男篮内部有超级中锋韩德俊,但他缺少强大的搭档和替补。曾经是辽宁男篮的主要大前锋李晓旭,没有什么消息会在新赛季回归,而在经历了一系列严重的伤病之后,大家都知道,即​​使李晓旭重返赛场,他也会很难回到“魔兽世界”的竞争状态。 。

After the rematch of last season, the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team used He Tianju and Wang Huadong as the starting players in the 4th position. In addition to shooting three-pointers, the former has weaknesses in rebounding and defense. Although the latter was once in the finals. His performance is eye-catching, but from the overall performance throughout the season, his personal ability is temporarily not up to the requirements of a starter.


It is also for this reason that although the personal ability of the big foreign aid Bass has declined significantly, the Liaoning men's basketball team still exercised his priority to renew during the offseason. Judging from the current situation, if the Liaoning Men's Basketball team signs Simmons, then they may not necessarily renew Bath. However, Liaoning fans do not need to worry too much. After all, even if this situation does occur, their insides are actually not available to no one, because the addition of Zhang Zhenlin and Zhu Rongzhen can greatly alleviate the problem of no one inside the Liaoning men’s basketball team. .

也正是由于这个原因,尽管大型外援巴斯的个人能力已经大大下降,但辽宁男篮在休赛期仍继续行使自己的优先权。从目前的情况来看,如果辽宁男篮签下西蒙斯,那么他们不一定续约巴斯。但是,辽宁球迷不必太担心。毕竟,即使确实发生了这种情况,他们的内心实际上也无人可利用,因为张振林和朱荣珍的加入可以大大缓解辽宁男篮内部没人的问题。 。

Zhang Zhenlin is highly anticipated by Liaoning fans because of his outstanding athletic ability and a height of 2.08 meters. Whether he should play No. 3 or No. 4 has always been controversial within Liaoning fans. However, if the Liaoning men's basketball team adopts a double-small outside configuration, then the 3rd position will no longer be short. In this case, Zhang Zhenlin is also very likely to be fixed at the 4th position, or even directly start the 4th position.


It’s worth mentioning that in the playoffs of last season, Zhang Zhenlin had been interviewed by Liaoning TV on the sidelines. At that time, he also said, “Brother Jun (Han Dejun) worked too hard inside. I hope I can help next season. He shared the pressure." In addition, Zhang Zhenlin was often assigned to play the 4th position during his time at Tulane University in the United States, and even played the 5th position in the 5 small lineups, so for the 4th position, Zhang Zhenlin himself There should be no resistance. Wang Huadong and He Tianju can act as Zhang Zhenlin's substitutes, and Yang Ming can send more suitable people to play according to the opponent.


The problem with position 4 is solved, what about position 5? The Liaoning men's basketball team is no surprise, and Zhu Rongzhen, who was on loan from the Shandong men's basketball team, should be reused. After all, in order to get this potential center with a height of 2.18 meters, they gave away Gao Shiyan, who is quite popular among Liaoning fans. Considering the increase in the regular season rounds in the new season and Han Dejun’s age, the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team is likely to give Zhu Rongzhen more opportunities to level up during the regular season, allowing Han Dejun to rest and play in the playoffs. Full force.


Of course, Zhu Rongzhen is not completely without rivals. Liu Yanyu, the local high-profile king of CBA physical test, will become his competitor and may also get a lot of opportunities to play. I also hope that the two of them can grow up in healthy competition, so that the Liaoning Men's Basketball Team can completely solve the problem of not having Han Dejun as a substitute.

当然,朱R真并不是没有对手。 CBA身体测试的本地知名人士刘延宇将成为他的竞争对手,并可能会获得很多比赛机会。我也希望他们两个能在健康的比赛中长大,使辽宁男篮能够完全解决没有韩德俊替代的问题。

And if the two small outsiders can solve the problem of no one on the flanks, Zhang Zhenlin, Wang Huadong, Zhu Rongzhen and Liu Yanyu can help Han Dejun support the inside line, plus Guo Ailun and Zhao Jiwei composed of the strongest back line in the country, then next season's Liaoning men Basketball, really have a chance to hit the championship. After all, their opponents Guangdong team in the finals last season, but lost Yi Jianlian.


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