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As one of the most watched events in world football, the Spanish national derby will officially kick off at 10 pm Beijing time on October 24. Barcelona will host Real Madrid at the Nou Camp. La Liga is like a reality show performed by hundreds of people. Now, this suspenseful show has come to its 90th season. In these years, the legendary stars of the national derby have brought many unforgettable memories to the fans. From the legendary stars John Cruyff and Alfredo Di Stefano to Ronaldinho, Ramos and Messi who are more well-known by young people. They all left an impressive performance in the derby duel, not only the stadium performance and sportsmanship, but also superb skills and highlight moments.

作为世界足球赛事中最受瞩目的赛事之一,西班牙国家德比将于10月24日北京时间晚上10点正式开幕。巴塞罗那将在诺坎普球场举办皇家马德里。西甲联赛就像一场由数百人表演的真人秀。现在,这个悬念节目已经进入第90季。近年来,国家德比传奇球星为车迷们带来了许多难忘的回忆。从传奇明星约翰·克鲁伊夫(John Cruyff)和阿尔弗雷多·迪·斯特凡诺(Alfredo Di Stefano)到小罗纳尔迪尼奥(Ranaldinho),拉莫斯(Ramos)和梅西(Messi),它们在年轻人中更为知名。他们在德比对决中留下了令人印象深刻的表现,不仅是体育场的表现和体育精神,还有精湛的技巧和精彩时刻。

A few months ago, people could not even enjoy the football experience brought by the national derby and La Liga. In order to advance the pace of the restart of the tournament, La Liga proposed a comprehensive strategy of #BackToWin (Restart La Liga, return to win), which is widely used in different stages of the tournament, regardless of whether the players are in the training field or not, in their You will be tested for the virus regularly in your daily life. This not only left the La Liga 2019/20 season without any new infections in the 39-day schedule after the rematch, but also allowed the new season to kick off smoothly in early September.


Although the Spanish government’s health restrictions still prohibit fans from entering the Camp Nou, La Liga will gather fans through events around the world to enjoy the greatest game in football.


The league will host more than 70 events in 45 countries around the world. Fans from all over the world will have the opportunity to participate in this grand event, including the Spanish National Derby Media Communication held in Beijing today and the upcoming Saturday A grand fan watching event held in Shanghai. At the media communication meeting that ended today, La Liga China representative Zhu Yian and iQiyi Sports football commentator Yu Xinmiao, as sharing guests, introduced in detail the milestones, highlights and highlights of the national derby to more than 20 media representatives present. Broadcasting innovation, through carefully arranged content, the live media can better understand the world's highest level of football match.


In addition to China, Vietnam, Dubai, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and other parts of the African continent will also hold watching activities. In addition, in Latin America, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina, fans can drive to the car theater to watch the game in the comfort of their own car. To celebrate the opening of the first round of the national derby of the new season, La Liga will also put a red carpet on famous landmarks in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Egypt, Senegal and Colombia to highlight the uniqueness of the national derby.


No matter where the fans are in the world, they can watch national derby matches in various innovative ways. The league’s 22 social media accounts around the world released a series of themed content a week before the game, and will also open a live broadcast two hours before the game, bringing this football event to 120 million fans around the world. At the same time, La Liga will also build a unique online fan interaction area. Through participation and interaction, fans will have the opportunity to win their own jerseys that support the club. At the same time, La Liga also joined hands with iQiyi Sports to launch a series of social interaction activities around the national derby. Taking "Cross-generation Derby" as the main entry point, starting from different dimensions in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s, we invited a number of well-known commentators and fan leaders born in different generations to initiate national derby discussions. The official Chinese accounts of Barcelona and Real Madrid will also participate in the interaction, jointly launching rich incentive activities such as prize-winning quizzes, and celebrating this expected duel with fans.


As with previous national German games, the most shining stars in world football will appear in the sight of millions of spectators around the world. For example, Messi, he is the top scorer in the national derby, and also the winner of the six Golden Globe Awards. Ramos is the player with the most appearances in the history of the National Derby. In addition, Modric, Pique, Benzema, De Jong and Kurtois will also appear on the court.


At the same time, the emergence of a large number of new faces has also caused a lot of heated discussion. The legendary Barcelona star Koeman bid farewell to the Dutch national team, chose to return to Barcelona to coach, and promoted an ambitious team reconstruction plan this summer. The club dominated a lot of discussions in the summer window transfer market. transaction. Serginho Durst also attracted attention as the first American player to represent Barcelona in La Liga. Trincon and Miralem Pjanic are equally fighting spirits. Like Koeman, Real Madrid’s coach Zidane is also one of the most iconic figures in the history of the club and the national derby. After the La Liga rematch last season, Zidane led Real Madrid to win 2019/ with a stable performance. 20 season La Liga champion.

同时,大量新面孔的出现也引起了很多热烈讨论。巴塞罗那传奇球星科曼告别了荷兰国家队,选择返回巴塞罗那担任教练,并于今年夏天提出了雄心勃勃的球队重建计划。俱乐部在夏季窗户转让市场上引起了很多讨论。交易。塞尔吉尼奥·杜斯特(Serginho Durst)作为第一位在西甲代表巴塞罗那的美国球员也引起了人们的关注。 Trincon和Miralem Pjanic同样具有战斗精神。像科曼一样,皇家马德里的教练齐达内(Zidane)也是俱乐部和国家德比历史上最具标志性的人物之一。上赛季西甲复赛后,齐达内带领皇家马德里以稳定的表现赢得了2019 /赛季。西甲第20赛季冠军。

In addition, many anticipated La Liga stars will also be on the Derby stage, including Anzu Fati, known as a genius teenager, who is the youngest scorer in the history of FC Barcelona. And Durst and Real Madrid's rising stars Martin Erdgau and Vinicius are also highly anticipated. This national derby will be one of the most important duels between the two sides in the near future.

此外,许九游会老哥俱乐部多预期的西甲巨星也将登上德比舞台,其中包括以天才少年而闻名的安祖·法九游会老哥俱乐部提(Anzu Fati),他是巴塞罗那足球俱乐部历史上最年轻的得分手。达斯特(Durst)和皇马(Real Madrid)的后起之秀马丁(Martin Erdgau)和Vinicius也备受期待。在不久的将来,这场国家德比大战将是双方最重要的决斗之一。

The highly anticipated national derby is ready to go, and the best players in the world will present the fans with the top football feast. At 22:00 on the evening of October 24th, fans are welcome to watch the live broadcast of the national German games of iQiyi Sports and Migu Video.

备受期待的国家德比战已经准备就绪,世界上最出色的球员将为球迷们提供顶级的足球盛宴。 10月24日晚上22:00,欢迎球迷观看iQiyi Sports和Migu Video的德国全国比赛的实况转播。

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